6 Stories of Celebrities Gambling in Vegas


Maybe it is no occurrence that Las Vegas is found just 277 miles from Hollywood. The short drive over the desert or one-hour flight by means of private fly gives simple access to casino club tables for famous people who look as striking on gambling casino clubs observation screens as they do on the huge screens where they like to be seen.

Of course, the greatest names are attracted to the most sweltering gambling clubs. Spots like Bellagio, Wynn, Hard Rock, Venetian and Cosmopolitan all rank as magnets for Tinsel Town VIPs who jump at the chance to get down. Also, it’s no big surprise that they do.

The best clubhouse influence common individuals to feel like motion picture stars. At the point when bonafide stars come in, with their profound pockets and conspicuous faces, betting supervisors give careful consideration. “Celebs adore coming to Vegas in light of the fact that the club are extremely pleasing,” Howard Lefkowitz, leader of Vegas.com, told Forbes. “They can have a scene or be protected from people in general eye.”

Ben Affleck stroll of popularity star with a lord of hears card on it


Once in a while, however, the stars are not exactly as acknowledged as you would think. Such was the situation with Ben Affleck, who figured out how to check/count cards and figured out how to cut down the house at the Hard Rock in Vegas.

Things finished for him similarly as they end for most any preferred standpoint player, well known or not. A clubhouse security fellow tapped him on the shoulder and, as per Variety, stated, “You’re too great at this amusement game.” If it’s any relief, he can regard the expressions of Bill Benter, earlier a card counter and now one of the world’s best pony betters. As the unbelievable card shark once let me know, “Whether the gambling clubs are not pursuing you out, you’re accomplishing something incorrectly.”

So, Affleck’s back-off more likely than not irritated no less than one gathering: merchants, pit-boses and mixed drink servers. Amid an especially fortunate night at the tables, he figured out how to round up $145,000 and demonstrated his increase by giving everything without end to gambling club workers.

Bruce Willis stroll of popularity star with a ruler of hearts card on it