Amazing 6 Huge Casino Wins This Year


Are you just tired of hearing about people winning jackpots in casinos but you never manage to come away with more than a few bucks? Some people are born with a lucky star.

Here are some of the best TOP 6 Winnings in Casinos this year:

5FIRST STORY – $1,075,710 Blackjack Progressive Jackpot

BALTIMORE (WJZ) – 1 Maryland guy got super lucky on Saturday after he managed to turn his $5 investment into more than $1,000,000,000 at Maryland LIVE! Casino & Hotel. A man named Manuel Ortiz, of Laurel hit the Super 4 Blackjack Progressive jackpot and won $1,075,710. Ortiz played at the Blackjack Table for more than two hours, before he placed his $5 jackpot bet. I guess patience is a virtue. Look at the face of the lucky man.